What We Do

Place of Conservation

As a tide refuge

  • Next to extensive feeding areas;
  • Potential – Buffer effect – for the agricultural lands north.

As an alternative nesting site

  • The islands give additional protection from opportunistic species.

As a place to moult

  • Capacity for receive anatids populations during the moult period;
  • The islands give additional protection from opportunistic species;

Place of recreation

Located 30 minutes of Lisbon, when entering the Lezíria South of Vila Franca de Xira, you’ll be surprised by the richness of the agricultural fields, the culture and the nature.

At EVOA, the visitor can enjoy:

  • 5km of pedestrian paths around the lagoons;
  • 4 observatories and several viewpoints;
  • Daily guided tours for birdwatching (2h), having available telescopes, binoculars and guides;
  • Guided tour to our permanent exhibition: EVOA, Where the Tagus Meets the World (1h).

EVOA has the capacity for receive 120 visitors per day, ensuring tranquility for the birds and the quality of your visitation experience.

In addition to our daily offer, EVOA performs several events throughout the year, giving dynamism to this space that is renewed every day.