Plan Your Visit

On the first guided tour to the EVOA, we suggest:

  • Watch the Guided Tournto the Exhibition EVOA, where the world finds Tagus (45min)
  • Take the Birdwatching Tour (2h, pedestrian route about 3 Km)

The hours of the visitation change according to the tides.
This offer is available everyday, with two visits per day during the weekends and holidays.
We advise that you schedule the visit first.
You can stay all day in EVOA, revisit the lagoons and enjoy the view and the delights from our cafeteria.
In addition to this offer, we organize themed events throughout the year and have special programs to groups on request.

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It is not allowed to bring pets, exit the trails, yell and litter.

  • When is the best time of the year to do birdwatching at EVOA?

    It is possible to observe birds at EVOA all year long.

    Some of the birds are resident, it means that can be observed during all year. But the mojority of our birds are migrantory.

    Between november and february we receive a big amount of birds that come from Northern Europe. At this time of year we can observe thousands of birds from big diversity of species, in flight ou resting in the lagoons.

    In march, april and from august to october the passage several species of migratory birds brings surprises to our lagoons every day, it can be observed peaks of diversity. However, during this months the densities of birds are not constant.

    In the months of may and june we can se birds that come from Africa, some of them to reproduce in our lagoons. And thus it is possible to observe nestlings/chicks (?) of waders and ducks. However, it is unusual to observe numerous flocks because the individuals are more disperse e trying to keep themselves  undetected.

  • What to bring?


    • Confortable for walking;
    • Closed to prevent the dirt, plants, insects or arachnids to enter;
    • Waterproof, only if it’s rainy (the trails keep dry all year long);
    • One that has already been used before so it’s adapted to the foot.



    • Comfortable and according to the climatic conditions expected;
    • We recommend trousers to minimize the discomfort of some vegetation that might be present along the track;
    • If it’s sunny we recomend that you wear a hat and long sleeve clothes and use sunscreen.
    • If it’s expected rain we advise the use of a waterproof coat or an umbrella;

    We don’t recommend the use of white or bright colors (orange, yellow, flourescent) because it calls to the birds and insects attention.


    Another items

    • Binoculars ( in EVOA we borrow binoculars but if you have ones you can bring yours);
    • Camara;
    • Pencil/pen, if you want to register the species observed.


    With hot weather  we also advise:

    • Water;
    • Sunscreen;
    • Antihistamine, if you have allergies to hay, pollen or other allergies;
    • Repellent (insects and aracnids).
  • What not to bring?

    Pets: the presence of dogs and others domestic animals may condition the presence or behavior of the wild animals that can detect them through the smell and hearing. We appreciate your understanding.